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Hyundai Roadside Assistance Programme

Your Hyundai is eligible for all the benefits of Hyundai Roadside Assistance for 12 months from the date of registration. You can also continue to enjoy the benefits of complimentary Hyundai Roadside Assistance via Service Activated Roadside Assistance. A further 12 months Roadside Assistance will be added every year (from the date of registration) when you ensure your vehicle is serviced at an authorised Hyundai repairer in line with the service schedule.

If you break down, call
0800 980 2733 (UK and Channel Islands)
07900 444 999 (SMS number for deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired)

What’s included with Hyundai Roadside Assistance?

  • Coverage – UK and Channel Islands
  • Roadside Assistance – For breakdowns over 0.25 miles away from home, we will aim to fix your car at the roadside
  • Roadside Recovery – If we are unable to repair your car, it will be taken to a local Hyundai dealer or a local destination of your choice
  • Home Start* – For breakdowns at home or near home, we will aim to fix your car or take it to a local Hyundai dealer
  • Onward Travel*† – We will provide a replacement car for up to 2 days or overnight accommodation or cover incurred public transport costs

Terms and Conditions

Cover is for 12 months from the date of first registration and is extended for free provided your vehicle is serviced within Hyundai’s authorised retailer network. Self-induced faults such as incorrect or insufficient fuel or AdBlue (urea), keys locked in the car or lost not included.
† Excludes a taxi, for private hire or as a driving school vehicle, whether full or part-time.
Roadside Assistance full terms and conditions